Siri That’s a 🤔sketch 😋

iOS 11 upgrades you to two factor (from two step). This doesn’t look ominous at all

Play it and they shal come? @manton…

Slightly creepy and accurate. Nebula awards are happening now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

TableTop plays Fate Core, looks like a lot of fun.…

Going to the, and my rsvp is at my own site. I blame @manton🤓

That feeling when you want to crosspost about a blog post, so you need to get shortlinks on WordPress, but then is available 😬

🐝 on sunroof

My macro blog has clearly been indexed… 3 comment spams in the moderation queue. Considering turning on Akismet.

Choosing A VPN: That One Privacy Site

Looks legit, will use their criteria when I pick out a VPN next. #micromemory

Emacs - Change local indent in a javascript file, when it conflicts with global indent eval-expression [M-:] (progn (make-local-variable ‘js-indent-level) (setq js-indent-level 2)) #emacs #elisp

Working on long form site, due to vagaries of IndieAuth, using GitHub for auth, and email/everything else for Failed to post via Quill though…

Floating rosemary flowers #portraitmodefail

Cropped and panned and noir filter

Great lineup this year, plus @speakers_union, @_connectedfm Couldn’t stay away. Bugs all the way down. Testing image upload with 1.0.1

PNW “top 10% wet” - Cliff Mass. A Spatial View of a Wet Winter

PDX - “One time I went to the airport on purpose 6 hours early to get work done.” @MrsSoup. Art Supply Posse: 41: Heather’s Art Supplies are Moving 📦 GsEb3pYxk/01:23

27 bottles of ink. Col-o-ring ink testing book. Couldnt upload photo with app ¯_(ツ)_/¯