Cropped and panned and noir filter

Great lineup this year, plus @speakers_union, @_connectedfm Couldn’t stay away. Bugs all the way down. Testing image upload with 1.0.1

PNW “top 10% wet” - Cliff Mass. A Spatial View of a Wet Winter

PDX - “One time I went to the airport on purpose 6 hours early to get work done.” @MrsSoup. Art Supply Posse: 41: Heather’s Art Supplies are Moving 📦 GsEb3pYxk/01:23

27 bottles of ink. Col-o-ring ink testing book. Couldnt upload photo with app ¯_(ツ)_/¯

GitHub push?

Episode 254 Sketchnoted and ‘shopped (in @acornapp) @_penaddictfm or ending the yak shaving and just blogging

Posts seem to drop off of blog w/Hyde theme… trying different one.