Beaverton to Portland. Multnomah County Central Library has card catalog index of the Oregonian, including events (💀Mrs Coffee).


IndieWeb Summit kickoff at the Pine St Market

Foggy morning

Finally escaped from the San Jose weather ☔️

For those still in San Jose, any interest in brunch tomorrow? Place suggestions welcome as well.

Lineup for @_RelayFM live show

At the California Theater waiting to get to the o̶p̶e̶n̶ ̶b̶a̶r̶ @TheTalkShow Live

.@_cortexfm represents at micro.blog Meetup @rosemaryorchard @jrjb

micro.blog WWDC 🤳

Refreshed my instagram session id at instagram-atom.appspot.com/ and time is linear and order is restored. Not to mention newsblur+reeder means iPad sized images!

Ugh, walk sign with red lense broken. Didn’t comprehend it was on Don’t Walk. Did check against the lights, so I wasn’t walking out into traffic.

My Let’s Encrypt expiration notices are really harshing my vacation, I need to move my blog to linode so it can automatically renew😬

PAC-MAN at Ground Kontrol#

Oooh (I didn’t try “tea, earl grey, hot” ;). Tap to edit, didn’t have to use it, but 😍🤗. #ios11

Oops, didn’t create the first one with a location, refresh and join again. I just posted an event on Beacon: “line up for the talk show” beacon.party Beacon, by @ashleynh & @khanlou

No VPN control center control ☹️. Radar filed www.openradar.me/myradars/…

New control center timer control is 😻, and no stale Siri quips. goo.gl/photos/Kn…

Turning off iCloud sync for notes had no effect on my secondary phone… maybe that’s why they are not syncing 😂. Might have to pave it when I get home.

Siri That’s a 🤔sketch 😋

iOS 11 upgrades you to two factor (from two step). This doesn’t look ominous at all

Play it and they shal come? @manton twitter.com/johnvoorh…

Slightly creepy and accurate. Nebula awards are happening now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

TableTop plays Fate Core, looks like a lot of fun. youtu.be/NOFXtAHg7…